Monday, October 12, 2009

Wheeltags Helps Save the Boobs!

We gotta give credit to our neighbors up north. With October being breast cancer awareness month, the Re-think Breast Cancer charity in Toronto has pushed the puritanical American envelope with a super fun PSA video to help support their events. Watch it on youtube below.

Although Wheeltags doesn't have the chops the pop the boobs out of the sportsbra, we do know that exercising more than 4 hours a week will reduce a women's risk of the nasty BC by 40%! That's one sweet reason to keep the wheels in motion. With the amount of women riding the roads these days, and our recent involvement with the Pablove Foundation, we felt as though we could be doing something more, and with a little Wheeltags funk.

With TWO new Breast Cancer designs, you can cover your rims with a some vinyl-DO-goodness. Check out some pics below:

Of course, 10% of our Breast Cancer Wheeltags will be donated to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure. Check out the Wheeltags site, spread the good word and cover your rims with pride!

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