Friday, May 22, 2009

Michellie Jones Custom ZedTech decals

Check out one of the world's greatest triathletes' sportin' some serious decal style on her custom ZedTech wheels. Our partnership with Zipp and their custom ZedTech decal program has extended into the inner sanctum of athlete greatness. For Michellie Jones, they asked us to kick up her wheels with custom decals to match her bad ash Felt paint job!

We had a blast working on Michellie's flashy stars and zoomy colors. We think it rocks a mighty chicken and wish her the best during the racing season! Check out the link below, and learn more about Michellie Jones. Keep your peepers peeled for some other uber-athlete projects completed in conjunction with Zipp and their super sweet ZedTech wheels.

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Gotta have the goods the pros ride. Nothin' but ZedTech fits the bill, learn more at Zipp!

Michellie Jones site

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