Monday, March 9, 2009

Wheeltags Makes ZedTech Custom Decals for Triathlete Mag test ride!

Jay Prasuhn for Triathlete Magazine puts Zipp's uber awesome ZedTech product on the couch! Since Wheeltags is Zipp's custom decal partner, we loved to read Jay's comments about the on-line design feature we built for Zipp within the ZedTech "build your wheel" experience. We were happy to run the presses for his special decals, but we got really geeked out when we saw the stunning photos of his tricked out ride. Read some of the details from his article below:

"Zipp invited me to experience the ZedTech customer's experience, and the fun part is picking the look of your wheels. At the website, you can select every aspect of the wheel; decal color, hub external cap colors, bearings (steel or ceramic) and spoke nipple color.

Designing your decal design is all you. You can use a full color palate to determine the colors of the individual Z-I-P-P lettering, background and Advanced Technology Group lettering underneath. Zipp marketing manager Andy Paskins tells me he's seen some "interesting" designs so far. I found it very political of him not to make any judgments. All I could do was hope the crew at Zipp didn't laugh at my design idea, whatever I came up with.

I have bikes of mostly a red or blue motif, so I wanted something that would work on either bike. I also went to the University of Arizona, so I thought, why not an Arizona Wildcats color concept? I chose a red inner lettering with blue trim and white ATG lettering. The hubs would be red, spoke nipples a simple grey, and went with a simple standard bearing setup. The wheels? It would be the Craig Alexander Special, the same wheelset he used to take his Hawaii Ironman title last fall: a 404 front and an 808 rear. "


Take a look at some more of his photos and read the entire article

Gotta get ZedTech-ed? Visit Zipp here and start designing!

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