Friday, September 26, 2008

Interbike Day 2

Rubbing shoulders with the big boys...
Today was another day packed full of excitment in the Wheeltags booth and all around the show floor. Matt and Kevin took off with a roll of tags to meet up with some pros and cycling legends. The response was amazing. Each of the pros had comments like "we need to show this to some people and then talk with you guys". Phil Ligget was awesome, he wants some custom Phil Ligget Wheeltags and gave us his address to ship them out to! Can you believe that!?

The After Party
After the show, we headed down to Mandalay Bay for the USA Crits Finals. Darren Reno from was racing and had a set of custom tags on his bike. In case you were wondering, he got caught up in a crash in the first turn and a 24 second gap formed that he chased the rest of the race. But he sure looked good on the bike!

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