Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Biker Chicks Unite with Wheeltags!

We love chicks on wheels. With a female co-owner in the Wheeltags fold, us ladies in the bike-boy biz need to stick together and there just aren't enough women on bikes, at least that's what we think. You will see men thrusting their gears around on lunch time rides or fast Fridays, but where are da women at? Trying to squeeze in solo rides after the kids have been dropped off, the kitchen cleaned up, the bills paid, the dog walked, the project completed for a nasty client and 5 million other doo-dads and do-ends that keep piling up. Always one to sacrifice themselves for the greater good - who is out there encouraging female cyclists to put their quads first, and throw on their kit for the local crit race on Saturday?

BikeClicks, the good folks down in Louisville Kentucky have had enough of this man-whee-ly world too! With a healthy dose of competitive spirit and a good "can-do" 'tude they are hosting a most stupendous Women' Race Clinic featuring Nicola Cranmer of ProMan Hit Squad.

Join them for clinics on Getting Started in Racing, Developing Women’s Squads, Race Tactics & Strategy and much more. Weekend will include continental breakfast and box lunch on Saturday, August 29th with clinics and group ride. Concludes with Women’s Only racing on Sunday, August 30th.

How sweet is that? Of course, Wheeltags will be handed out in style to the winning ladies on Sunday. What better way to trick out your dubs than with a little Wheeltags goodness. Stop by, join in - either way embrace the BikeClicks cycling spirit and encourage the ladies in your life to run with two-wheels!

Learn more - click here to visit the BikeClicks site!

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